5 Common Civil Litigation Cases

5 Common Civil Litigation Cases

Civil litigation cases represent some of the most prevalent legal matters within civil law. Compared to criminal cases, which are instigated by a prosecutor or district attorney, civil litigation cases are initiated by a single individual or entity. Civil litigation cases frequently find resolution through monetary compensation awarded to the aggrieved party.

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Five Most Common Case Types

Engaging with fellow humans often entails the need to address disputes, whether in personal or professional situations. In some instances, the most effective route to resolution involves hiring an attorney. Here, we outline the five most common categories of civil litigation cases:

1) Contract Disputes

Contract disputes occur when one or more parties, typically in a business context, are unable to fulfill their contractual obligations for various reasons. This may stem from poorly drafted contracts or, more commonly, from the inability to meet the agreed-upon responsibilities.

2) Torts

A tort is a type of civil litigation suit where individuals believe they have suffered physical or emotional harm. A wide array of circumstances falls under torts, including threats, property damage, physical harm, or financial loss. Instances such as injuries resulting from accidents or negligence often lead to tort cases.

3) Class Action

Class action suits exhibit some overlap with torts. However, in class action suits, legal representation is extended to a group or class of individuals who have all suffered harm similarly due to the same cause. For instance, when multiple employees are injured in a workplace accident or numerous tenants in a single apartment complex are exposed to hazardous mold, class action suits may ensue.

4) Complaints Against The City

When individuals believe they have incurred harm because of municipal law or policy, they have the option to file complaints against their local government. Typically, such cases reach settlements outside of the courtroom. However, there are instances when the government disputes liability, necessitating the involvement of adept legal counsel.

5) Property Disputes

Property disputes arise when multiple parties assert rightful ownership of a piece of real estate. Such disputes commonly occur among divorcing couples, business partners parting ways, or homeowners whose properties have been damaged by neighbors. Additionally, disagreements regarding property boundaries between neighbors may lead to litigation. Attorneys play a pivotal role in representing all involved parties in these scenarios.

Civil Litigation Attorneys Serving South Florida

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