Appellate Litigation

Appellate Litigation


Appellate courts generally do not afford you a ‘new’ trial and will not hear new evidence that was not presented to the trial court. Rather, courts of appeal review what transpired at the trial court level to determine whether proper procedures were followed and the law was applied correctly.

Appellate cases generally involve legal briefs, all of which must contain citations to cases and statutory or other legal authorities. Briefs must also contain proper citation to the designated appellate record.

Appellate litigation is a unique practice within the litigation process oftentimes requiring attorneys to employ a scholarly treatment of complex legal issues. Through advanced planning and research, careful and creative analysis, staying abreast of changes in the law, and creative and clear writing, our attorneys prosecute and defend interlocutory and final judgment appeals

The attorneys of the Xander Law Group have experience handling appeals in both Federal and State appellate courts in South Florida, in cases that mirrors the substantive diversity of the firm’s practice, and including personal injury, commercial litigation, business law and bankruptcy.

Several representative decisions of our work on behalf of clients:

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