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When you are facing complex business issues, it is critical that you have attorneys behind you who understand the law, have the experience required, and the ability to protect your interests. You can feel confident that your case is being handled by attorneys that are committed to providing passionate, results-oriented representation for your business.

Administrative Appeals

Administrative agencies at the local, state and federal levels are tasked with the efficient execution of the law. These agencies...
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Appellate Litigation

APPELLATE LITIGATION Appellate courts generally do not afford you a ‘new’ trial and will not hear new evidence that was...
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Asset Protection

As a business owner, you are fraught with concerns more than operating the business and making a profit; but, also...
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Business and Employment Immigration

The United States offers many opportunities for foreign nationals who want to come to the United States to procure employment,...
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Business Law

MIAMI BUSINESS/CORPORATE LAW ATTORNEY Whether you are planning to start a business, or you are expanding your business in Florida,...
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Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

CHAPTER 11 BANKRUPTCY Filing a petition in bankruptcy is a serious decision and one that is hoped to never consider....
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Civil Appeals

Disputes concerning business matters, commercial transactions, real estate, personal injury, family law and a myriad of other matters are all...
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Commercial Litigation

MIAMI COMMERCIAL LITIGATION ATTORNEY Whether you are concerned about enforcing an agreement, are involved in commercial fraud, or need defending...
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Family Law

FAMILY LAW Some marriages end suddenly while others seem to fall apart over a long period of time. Whatever the...
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Florida Federal Court Criminal Appeals and Post-Conviction Relief Motions

The criminal appellate and post-conviction process is an extremely nuanced, complicated process which is strictly regulated by an extensive body...
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Florida State Court Criminal Appeals and Post-Conviction Relief Motions

Five stages exist in criminal cases: 1) pre-trial discovery and motions; 2) resolution via trial or plea of guilty/ no...
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Intellectual Property

PRACTICE AREA – INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Intellectual property law relates to the rules for securing and enforcing legal rights to tangible and...
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Personal Injury

PERSONAL INJURY Getting hurt in an accident can be a traumatizing, overwhelming experience. Accident victims are often uninformed about their...
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White Collar Crime

WHITE COLLAR CRIME White collar crime is the term used for elaborate crimes that are committed for the sole purpose...
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